Become a FatPort Marina

Providing high speed internet access in marinas poses a unique challenge. The salty environment and transient nature of boat owners makes the traditional providers unwilling to invest in the necessary infrastructure. FatPort's wireless Internet access is an easily deployable solution. Without any user set-up fees, your customers can easily tap into the network.

Your key benefits are:

  • Part of a Global Network -- The FatPort Network is establishing relationships with wireless networking providers around the world. Their customers are your customers.
  • Make Money -- The FatPort Network generates revenue for your business when new subscribers create an account - or purchase FatCodes from you.
  • Ease of Use -- Once we install the FatPort Network, it requires no maintenance on your part. Our engineers monitor the system and provide phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any difficulties.
  • Advertising -- Make a FatSplash custom login screen allowing you to brand the first screen subscribers see with your news, special offers and up-and-coming events. You can also leverage the infrastructure in our marketing.