Hospital, Medical & Senior Centres

FatPort provides wireless internet for Hospitals, Medical Centre’s, Out-Patient care facilities, Seniors Residences and Hospices that is completely independent and secure from existing medical internet systems. 

Whether in patient rooms, waiting rooms, out-service areas, cafeterias or outside on your grounds, provide your patients and their visitors with the option to access the internet or email using their cell phone, laptop, tablet, or PSP (Portable gaming device). 

Reduce perceived wait times, while enabling your patients to keep in touch with the outside world.  Wireless internet services can be used to promote targeted advertising, hospital information, allow patients to surf the internet, play games, or stay connected to their office.

Whether building wide, floor by floor, unit by unit, indoors or out, provide superior internet access with customized splash pages. 

Wi-fi can be offered on a free service basis, or to create revenue.  Each installation is completely unique to ensure that your specific patient and visitor needs are met.

Wireless Internet in Health Care Environments includes:

  • Backhaul Broadband Internet
  • Installation
  • Hardware
  • Billing Management
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Toll Free Bilingual Helpdesk
  • Content Filtering
  • Custom Splash Pages (option 3rd Party Advertising revenue)
  • Customize access locations throughout your buildings and outdoor gardens and parking lots
  • Choose from free, fee for service or sponsored service options
  • Reliable, safe and secure