Corporate & Business Centres

Become a FatPort Business Centre

Business Centers have unique requirements as a venue. Limited space, limited equipment and expensive IT needs. The challenge is to ensure that your customers can do what they would normally do at their offices as painlessly as possible.

A FatPort HotSpot is a big peice in that puzzle. Wireless access lets your customers bring in their own laptops - cutting down on the need for expensive equipment, and less time needed to teach them a new setup. Metered and monitored, FatPort ensures that you're not just providing free Internet for the whole neighbourhood.

Your key benefits are:

  • More Customers -- The FatPort Network attracts loyal customers to your location. Gain new customers and make existing customers even happier.
  • Part of a Global Network -- The FatPort Network is establishing relationships with wireless networking providers around the world. Wireless customers look for places they can connect.
  • Make Money -- The FatPort Network generates revenue for your business when new subscribers create an account - or purchase FatCodes from you.
  • Ease of Use -- Once we install the FatPort Network, it requires no maintenance on your part. Our engineers monitor the system and provide phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any difficulties.
  • Advertising -- Let us build you a custom login screen allowing you to brand the first screen subscribers see with your news, special offers and up-and-coming events.

Need some convincing? Check out just a few of the many Business Centres that are proud to offer FatPort.