Co-ops, Apartments & Condos

Co-ops, Apartments and Condos

New smart phones, tablets and laptops entering the market are changing the world of work, play and communication searching out for wireless internet providers.  Whether sending emails, downloading movies or books, or reading the news online, there are a number of new “everyday” tasks that require an internet connection and for convenience of mobility, a Wi-Fi provider.

Add to your choice of internet service providers within your building by incorporating FatPort as the wireless internet provider. Equip your unit owners, members and tenants with the option of choosing fast, secure, high-speed internet both inside the home, common areas and out on and around the grounds.  At FatPort, our goal is to design a wireless network specific to your property for seamless use by everyone in and around their home.  Ask about a free site survey!  

Wi-Fi Hotspot Services may include:

  • apartments, townhouses, suites, admin offices and Out Buildings
  • common areas (lobbies, social rooms, fitness areas, laundry, dining areas)
  • outdoor areas (patios, porches, lawn and sport court area, pools/spa facilities,)

As an Independent Wireless Internet Provider FatPort will:

  • create a very competitive environment keeping subscriptions pricing down 
  • within qualified areas FatPort can be an additional ISP provider to your property and:
    • provide the equipment for free on a subscriber business model
    • provides group or bulk buy packages
    • Include unlimited bandwidth
  • provide free internet access options for admin offices, guests, contractors and visitors
  • offer free internet for owners, tenants and members at a building rate or design the network for individual paid subscribers
  • Increase the area of internet coverage with FatPort as your Wi-Fi provider.

With fast, reliable modern service, FatPort as the wireless internet provider and ISP provider will ensure that you’re residents, their families and friends; stay connected!