Airports, Train & Bus Terminals

Turn Downtime into Uptime

Heightened security measures and higher traffic volumes can increase waiting times by passengers.  Turn their downtime into uptime by becoming a Wi-Fi Hotspot with FatPort as a wireless ISP provider.

With the explosion of smart phones, tablets and laptops that have entered the market, there is an ever increasing demand for wireless internet service that is safe, secure and fast, no matter how many users are connected at the same time.

Choose specific areas and types of access, as well as a specific service model to balance costs and revenue opportunities. Operate wireless building management tools, security and wireless digital signage networks over FatPort‘s commercial internet.

As an internet service provider we can ensure all areas requiring business wifi is covered, including separate networks for tenant areas such as restaurants, food courts and retail.

At FatPort, our goal is to collaborate to bring you the products and services that best enhance the brand of your property.

Using FatPort Business Wifi

  • Creates Happier Travellers – wireless internet provides your guests with connectivity to family, friends and the office, reducing the perceived wait time
  • Makes Money – the FatPort  WiFi Hotspot Network allows you to set your usage rates and generates revenue
  • Creates Advertising Opportunities – custom Splash pages enhance your branding, direct traffic, or create advertising revenue
  • Creates a Global Network – roaming partnerships with Boingo, IPass and Aicent keep international travellers connected and engaged
  • Provides “Value-Added” services for your tenants - tenants can “join” the FatPort network to use the service themselves, or brand separately to their customers
  • Is Easy – with wireless backhaul devices cabling is minimal, installation is fast and easy, with preventative maintenance or bandwidth management provided by FatPort.  Our technical Specialists monitor the system and provide 24/7 support to your customers

With fast, reliable service, FatPort will ensure that your visitors stay happy and connected!

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