Become a WiFi Hotspot

Public Pay for Use Wi-Fi service:

 Managed Wi-Fi (ISP) Service

 Residential Wi-Fi

  • Co-Operatives
  • Senior Citizens Residences
  • Rental Buildings
  • Armed Forces Accommodation

 Business Wi-Fi

  • Shared Office Environments
  • Medical / Professional Buildings
  • Small Retail and Office Centres
  • Convenience Stores
  • Corporate Offices
  • Industrial Parks

Smaller Venues

In today's competitive market, location owners need to do more than the next guy to bring in new business, keep current customers coming back, and make more from each sale.

Perfect for cafe's, restaurants and smaller venues, adding a FatPort HotSpot to your service offering attracts and keeps more paying customers.

FatPort handles everything from installing our wireless hardware to managing the billing system. We then work with you to provide full marketing support, and in-store training for your staff.

We do wireless so you can run your business.

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Larger Venues

Hospitality is a demanding business. Your guests demand Internet access, and if you don't have it on offer, they'll go down the road to the next place that has it.

FatPort's SuiteSpot is custom-designed for larger venues like hotels, marinas, or airports. SuiteSpot exceeds the technical specifications mandated by major hotel chains.

Installation is fast, and requires minimal disruption to your business. Once up and running, FatPort provides 24x7 technical support - keeping your front desk free.

SuiteSpot can operate as a complimentary, pay-per-use, or mixed Internet amenity. Custom login screens (demo) reinforce your branding.

Contact our sales team today for more information!