WiFi HotSpot User Access

For the end user, FatPort provides a fast, safe, secure and simple to use portal to the internet.

Never used FatPort? 

Our system works exactly like your connection at home or the office. 

Please Note:  You many only open a new account or modify your existing account when you are at a FatPort HotSpot

To Open a New Account: 

When you are at a FatPort Hotspot, simply connect to the FatPort wireless signal, then open your internet browser and the FatPort Log in Page will appear.

Choose "Register" to Create Your New Account.  Be sure to include your phone number and create your own password, then follow the steps to choose your Subscription time.  You will be directed to a secure  page for payment with your credit card or using PayPal.

When your Account has been created, you will then be directed back to the main page to Log In and begin using your account.   After Log in, you may begin browsing, just as you would at home or at work.


ReCharge:   To Add time or review your account click on the link.