Wifi Hardware & Software

FatPort uses Altai's Super WiFi equipment solution to create safe, secure and fast wireless internet solutions for its customers.

The Altai Super WiFi Solution is designed to offer a cost-effective wireless solution for different applications such as wireless internet hotspots, 3G Data Offload, Wireless Broadband, Hotel, University, Hospital, Restaurants, Private and public buildings.

Altai's longer reach Super WiFi technology requires significantly fewer units per square kilometer of coverage with savings of more than 65% and improved latency over conventional mesh systems, making Altai Super WiFi an ideal solution for service providers.

The Altai Super WiFi Solution is now deployed in over 60 countries including cities in Canada, the U.S., North & Latin America, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Nigeria, Middle East and Asian-Pacific countries. 

Fusing the patented smart antenna design and most advanced signal processing algorithm, the Altai Super WiFi products can go beyond standard deployments, covering areas standard equipment cannot.

Altai's flagship product, A8 Super WiFi Base Station effectively improves the non-line-of-sight WiFi signal coverage to an extended area of 500m in radius, by minimizing the interference effect of other signals in the unlicensed frequency spectrum, and therefore lower the required capital investment in wireless network infrastructure.

For more information about our Altai product line contact info@fatport.com.