Partnered Connectivity

FatPort Partner Programs

Part of the secret to FatPort's success is our willingness to work with leading companies, progressive sales teams, and forward thinking entreprenurs.

Authorized Channel Partners (ACP): Now is the time to add new locations to the network. ACPs act as on-the-ground agents signing up new hotels, airports, cafes, and other public spaces. Our ACPs work independently to drive the market acceptance in their geographic area. Successful agents take the initiative to explore new and existing verticals.

FatPort-Powered Provider (FPP): FatPort's FPP program lets companies hit the ground running. By licensing our technology, the FPP taps into an impressive array of benefits including low per-unit cost, fast location deployment, and access to our strategic and technological developments - all while developing their own brand.

Roaming Partners: FatPort has Roaming Partners around the world making our customer's subscriptions even more mobile. "Think globally, act wherever" is a target that can only be reached by working with established WISPs outside of our geograpic market. Increase your exposure, and add value to your customers' accounts.

Convenience Store Partners: FatPort has developed a specific program for Convenience Stores. With the Smart phones changing the internet to a location based usage model, Convenience stores are uniquely positioned to leverage off this shift. A free wifi model allows convenience stores to use customer access to create a captive audience for advertising and marketing.