Why FatPort WiFi

Founded in 2001, FatPort is one of the leading, public high-speed wireless Internet providers in Canada.

Our focus is to provide safe, secure and fast high-speed access as a nationally able wireless internet service provider or ISP provider.  Setting up your business environment as a  Wi-Fi hotspot, whether for hotel Wi-Fi, restaurants and cafés, marina internet, hospitals, airports or other business type venues looking for commercial internet such as office centres or retail malls and even housing co-ops, FatPort is the solution for secure, cost effective and reliable internet service.

Check out our sample commercial internet properties for a growing number of venues types where you can get on line.

easy wifiEase of Use

The advantage of our service is the ease of use. FatPort works exactly like your connection at home or at the office - your laptop, tablet, or phone will be set for immediate recall for each time getting on line. When looking for Wi-Fi Hotspots FatPort subscribers simply open their web browser in any FatPort location; enter their password, and surf away. 

Business Models

FatPort, as one of the early Wi-Fi pioneers has extensive experience in wireless commercial internet and supports a variety of different business models:

  • Free internet for site guests, fee paid by venue
  • Fee based internet access for site guests, revenue sharing with venue
  • Free internet for site guests; advertising sponsored
  • Business Wi-Fi and Residential Wi-Fi internet by monthly subscription

Canadian Internet Service Provider

FatPort is an independent internet service provider and more specifically, a wireless internet provider offering high-speed internet with DSL connectivity.  Our Wi-Fi hotspots with FatPort being the wireless internet provider are at an advantage with unlimited bandwidth for all FatPort subscribers anywhere where TELUS or Bell DSL is available.


Wi-Fi Alliance Standards are met for all installations by using carrier grade wireless devices supported and monitored with hotspot software with international roaming partners…Using the most up to date wireless equipment, installations are fast and easy and can be set up entirely independent of any network used for the management of your business.  The newest “smart” technology requires fewer pieces of equipment, and very little hard wiring.  Ask us for a site survey today to see how FatPort can introduce, or improve your client services with us as the wireless internet provider.

Toll Free Helpdesk

What sets FatPort apart from many other internet service providers is its cloud based hotspot software and its diversified means of Venue and User support.  Our Canadian Toll Free Helpdesk is Canadian Based with support available for users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.