HotSpot Management

FatPort provides a complete Turnkey service on a fully customizable basis.  Whether free, fee for service, or code based, each location deployment includes surveys, configuration management, fault management, billing/administration services, remote management and security analysis.FatPort incorporates Altai's Super WiFi equipment which is renowned for their superior performance, reliability, scalability and price of network deployment and operation.Altai's longer reach Super WiFi technology requires significantly fewer units per square kilometer of coverage with savings of more than 65% and improved latency over conventional mesh systems, making Altai Super WiFi an ideal solution for large  buildings, spaces or areas.FatPort's HotSpot Management Includes:Fault Management

  • Real-time alarm collection and reporting
  • Event logging
  • Historical alarm tracking and reporting

Administration Management

  • Billing
  • Credit Card Services
  • Code management and deployment

RF Management

  • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Real time CPE connection and traffic statistics

Performance Management

  • Real time system performance statistics
  • Real time client traffic statistics

Security Management

  • System user security management
  • WEP/ WPA
  • MAC address access control
  • Rogue AP detection
  • Different login levels

Network Map Management

  • Outdoor map (GPS alignment)
  • Indoor map alignment