Business Internet Services

FatPort, the Internet Service Provider for Cable and High Speed ADSL

As an ISP provider, FatPort delivers and manages wireless Internet services with stability and reliability at a value second to none.  It is through being a Wi-Fi provider that our means in prioritizing Internet multi-media telecommunications is a true advantage maximizing the speeds of video streaming, VoIP and others internet use.



Deploy commercial internet bandwidth without a concern to limits or the number of users in your business. Connect the devices of choice knowing business Wi-Fi internet service is available with support 24/7 in both French and English.



Know that you have the comfort in connecting with confidence by asking how we can help with enabling your device security systems and available security products - Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Fraud and Parental Control.



It is with mobility of business Wi-Fi that you increase communication efficiencies with the freedom of seamless connectivity using FatPort’s wireless ADSL and as the Wi-Fi provider FatPort includes business Wi-Fi with your service.

Easy to Subscribe

Call today for pricing in your region:

  • FatPort Business DSL – unlimited
  • Double Up – 2 modems connected for twice the speed
  • Dryloop Fee – monthly fee for usage of a dryloop connection
  • Modem Rental – monthly modem rental
  • Wireless Router Rental – monthly wireless router rental
  • Static IP Address – IP address assigned to your account
  • Business VOIP Service – unlimited North America

Key Features and Benefits

At FatPort the plan is simple:

  • Wireless Service with a choice of
  • High speed or Double High Speed
  • the confidence of No limits on either plan
  • References for Web Hosting and Email Accounts 
  • cost savings to you

Contact us  for Business High Speed Internet with FatPort and start saving money.