Exponential Wi-Fi?

Technology continues to march forward, and today, the speed of Wi-Fi use is growing exponentially.  According to the latest report of the American industry group CTIA, there are over 327.6 million active phones, computer tablets and laptops in use in North America.

In Canada alone, there was a 50% increase in the use of smart phones alone for a one year period (Spring 2010 too Spring 2011).  This includes a total of over 6.6 million users that are using their cell phones for more than just calling. 

Smartphone users are spending over 17.3 hours per week using their phone for uses other than phone calls.   These include taking pictures (70% of users), send/receive email (70% of users), read news/weather/sports (52%), social networking (48%), searches for reviews, information etc.  (40% of users), reading work related items (65% of users).

Combining this with the huge growth in the tablet and laptop markets, more users across all age categories, are demanding the ability to be connected 24 hours a day, wherever they go. 

What does this mean for the site owner?  In the hospitality industry, there is now an average of 2.5 devices per room, requiring larger bandwidth from the ISP provider, and stronger, more secure wireless equipment in your location.  At peak times, the number of users at any given site could be over 3 times what it was only 2 years ago.  Are you ready to keep your customers happy?